Maarit Hänninen is a Finnish-born printmaker, illustrator and portrait artist, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Having always enjoyed various craft techniques, such as sewing and knitting, she pursued visual art in her mid-twenties, primarily focusing on pencil drawings. In 2012 she participated in a one-year course at Liminka School of Art, Finland, studying painting, sculpting, and print making. Since then she has worked at developing her own style and experimenting with different mediums. 

Maarit's northern heritage and affection for nature feature strongly in her artwork. Recent illustrations incorporate delicate animal and plant themes, blended with a graphic, urban tone. In addition to this, she produces realistic and precise commission portraits, employing pencil, charcoal, watercolor and oil paint. Her latest interest lies in linocut printmaking, both in the design of the piece and the crafting of the print plates. 


Work samples