"Tomorrow, Tomorrow"


"Tomorrow, Tomorrow"


Linocut, 2018

20 print edition

“Apollo sent a raven to fetch him a cup water. On the way to the pond, the bird saw a fig tree, full or green fruit. He decided to wait for the fruit to ripen, and when he finally returned, he blamed a snake for the delay. But Apollo saw what had happened, and as a punishment he placed the raven (Corvus) in the night sky, where the snake (Hydra) is to forever keep the thirsty bird away from the cup (Crater).”

This original linocut is printed using a hand carved printing block and light-fast oil-based ink. It is printed with a press onto "Khadi" paper, handmade from recycled cotton rag.

- Paper dimensions: A4 - approx. 30 cm × 21 cm - 11.8" × 8.3"  

- Print dimensions: 22.5 × 17.5 cm - 8.9" × 6.9" 

- Paper color: Natural white  

- Paper weight: 150 gsm

Prints are signed and numbered on the front side. Due to the nature of the medium, slight variations in detail and the coloration might occur.


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